4 reasons to buy primer for eyelash extension right now!

Still not using a primer? We have prepared for you a convenient guide on one of the most popular products for lashmakers around the world.

It's suitable for beginners who doubt in purchasing a primer and don't know exactly why they need this product.

Also it will be useful for experienced masters to choose the most suitable one for themselves.

Reason 1. Prepares the eyelashes more thoroughly.

The properties of the primer provide additional eyelashes cleansing. Active components easily remove natural fat from eyelashes. Just like an eraser the primer washes off all remains of cosmetics, dust and dirt from lashes.

Reason 2. Extends lash wearing period.

The extended eyelash fits tightly to the natural one, which contributes to better coupling. Your clients will enjoy their eyelashes for 1-2 weeks longer, and you will get a lot of good reviews.

Reason 3. Solves your glue problem.

In situations where the glue slows down and the fans are being closed, the primer is definitely necessary. It accelerates the glue, helps it to adapt to special conditions, such as low humidity and temperature.

Reason 4. Convenient and easy to use.

Just apply the primer by using a microbrush on pre-cleaned eyelashes and let it dry.

The primer is packaged in a 15 ml bottle. It doesn't require special storage conditions, has an economical consumption and a shelf life of 6 months after opening.

Primer for eyelashes is a necessary product for every lashmaker. You shouldn't use it during every eyelash extension procedure. But with proper use in a force majeure situation, it will improve the quality of your work.

In our online store, every master will find a primer for himself! The catalog presents a wide selection of primers for eyelash extensions with bright juicy aromas.

All products are certified and safe for health.

primer for eyelash extension

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