User agreement


1. These rules determine the general terms and conditions of use of the online store In order to use the services of an online store, you must read these rules and agree to their terms. Agreement to the terms of the rules is expressed at the time of online registration or, if the buyer chooses to shop without registration, at the time of placing the order and confirming it.

    These terms mean the following:

    1.1. Online Store (hereinafter - the Store) is an online store at

    1.2. Buyer - any person who is able to enter into a sales contract and assume the obligations arising therefrom.

    1.3. Seller - Private Limited Liability Company “VILashes” operating under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, address Vinco Kudirkos g. 5A, 03105 Vilnius, registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Lithuania, managed by the State Enterprise Center of Registers (V. Kudirkos str.18, Vilnius), company code 304639557.

    1.4. Products - The Merchant's Shop provides goods that the Buyer can order in the Shop.

    1.5. Order - this is the order form completed and confirmed by the Buyer in the Seller's Shop with the mandatory Buyer's data.

    1.6. Purchase-Sale Agreement - means the Buyer's Order approved by the Seller in accordance with the provisions of these Rules.

    1.7. E-service - e-service provided by the Seller to the Shop via the Internet.

    1.8. Terms and Conditions - Terms and Conditions of Use of Online Shop

    In the event of force majeure, the Seller may temporarily or permanently suspend the Shop without prior notice to the Buyer. In case of force majeure, the activities of the Shop shall be renewed and incomplete Purchase-Sale agreements shall be executed, the execution of which has been suspended due to these circumstances.


      The following electronic services are available at the store:

      2.1. Registration Form - The Seller Store provides an electronic form that specifies the Buyer's data required to identify it and register it in the Shop, as well as the direct contact details that the Buyer specifies in the Shop and sends them to the Seller.

      2.2. Account - The Seller's information system stores the Buyer's data that has an individual name and password specified by the Buyer. Your account stores data and information provided by the Buyer about the Purchase-Sale Agreements. Once registered in the Store, the Buyer may start using the Account and any services and features offered by this Account.

      2.3. Order Form - An interactive form available in the Store, which allows you to place an Order by placing the Products in the Shopping Cart, providing the necessary data for the Purchase-Sale Agreement, and choosing the delivery and payment method. Upon approval of the Order Form, it is considered that a Purchase-Sale Agreement has been concluded.

      2.4. Registration of electronic services is free, one-time and ends when the Buyer creates an Account or the Buyer has terminated the process earlier.

      2.5. Account electronic services are provided free of charge and indefinitely. The Buyer may at any time, without giving any reason, remove the Account (opt out of the Account).

      2.6. The Seller shall have the right to terminate the Agreement on the Electronic Services Account immediately if the Buyer violates the provisions of these Rules, for example by providing erroneous personal or other personal data, providing illegal content, placing a large number of Orders and avoiding paying for them at all times.

      2.7. The Seller undertakes to provide the Electronic Services properly and is responsible for their non-performance or improper performance.


      3.1. In order to use the Seller's Shop, the Buyer must have access to the Internet, as well as his/her e-mail address;

      3.2. The store can be accessed by creating an Electronic Services Account, or by placing an Order using the Store Order Form without creating an account;

      3.3. The Buyer authorizes the Merchant to process the required personal data submitted by the Seller for the purpose of using the Account, if the Orders are submitted through the Account, as well as for the performance of the Purchase-Sale Agreement, if the Orders are submitted without registration, as well as to the persons with whom the Seller cooperates with the Purchase-Sale Agreement and to fulfill the legitimate objectives of the Seller;

      3.4. The Buyer confirms that all the information and data provided at the time of registration or submission of the Order are correct and the Buyer must immediately inform the Seller about the change.

      3.5. The Buyer agrees that the personal data provided by the Seller in the Registration Form will be processed for the purposes of the Seller's Product and Service Marketing;

      3.6. The Buyer agrees to receive promotional information about the Seller's Products and Services in the Buyer's e-mail specified in the Registration Form.

      3.7. The Buyer agrees that the data contained in the Registration Form will be used for direct marketing purposes by means of automated systems (eg e-mail and SMS messages sent without direct human involvement) and telecommunication facilities (eg telephone, computer).

      3.8. The Seller may refuse to provide an Electronic Services Account if the Registration Form is not completed correctly, especially if the form contains incorrect or not all Customer's or other person's details. If the Seller refuses to provide an Electronic Services Account, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer thereof by e-mail in the Registration Form.

      3.9. If the Buyer decides to buy using the Electronic Services Account, the order form will automatically be provided to the Buyer upon connection to the system.

      3.10. If the Buyer chooses to buy without logging in to the system by clicking on the "Continue without login" button, the Buyer will automatically receive the order form.


      4.1. Purchase-sale agreement shall be concluded in the following order:

      4.2. The Buyer shall send a duly and correctly completed Order Form using the tools provided in the Store and shall confirm it as an offer to the Seller to conclude a Purchase-Sale Agreement in accordance with the provisions of these Rules.

      4.3. After the Buyer receives confirmation of the accepted order, the Purchase-Sale Agreement is deemed to have been concluded.

      4.4. The Buyer, having concluded a Purchase-Sale Agreement with the Seller, authorizes the processing of the required personal data provided in the Order Form for the purpose of performance of the Purchase-Sale Agreement, as well as transfer them to the persons with whom the Seller cooperates in the performance of the Purchase-Sale Agreements and in order to fulfill the legitimate Seller's objectives;

      4.5. The Buyer confirms that all information and data provided at the time of ordering are correct.

      4.6. The Seller reserves the right to verify the data provided in the Buyer's Order Form. The Seller may refuse to enter into a Purchase-Sale Agreement if the Order Form is incorrectly filled, especially if the form contains incorrect or not all Customer's or other personal data. If the Seller refuses to conclude the Purchase-Sale Agreement, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer thereof by e-mail specified in the Order Form.

      4.7. Orders may be placed at any time.


      5.1. The prices of the goods are given at the time of placing the Order and are recorded upon confirmation of the order. The final selling price of the product may be paid through the electronic payment operator, as well as by other methods specified in the Store.


      6.1. The ordered product is sent to the Buyer only after the received payment and is delivered to the address indicated in the order form by registered delivery.

      6.2. The buyer must check the consignment for damage before signing the delivery and sign the mandatory delivery notes from the delivery services. If the package is damaged, it must be indicated on the delivery note and the information must be passed on to the Seller. Upon discovery of a defective Product or a discrepancy between the quantity of the ordered Product, the Seller shall be immediately notified thereof in writing by email  and all relevant documents shall be submitted to confirm such fact.


      7.1. The Seller shall make every effort to provide the highest quality services and to guarantee the quality of the Products.

      7.2. The Seller undertakes to protect personal data in accordance with applicable law.

      7.3. The Buyer undertakes to use the Store in accordance with the laws, the provisions of these Rules.

      7.4. The Seller shall not be liable:

      7.4.1. If it becomes impossible to use the Store due to Force majeure circumstances;

      7.4.2. The use of the Store by the Buyer for unlawful or violation of these Rules, as well as for any consequences arising therefrom;

      7.4.3. If the Buyer discloses to third parties the email address, phone number, or password he/she uses to connect to the system;

      7.4.4. For the disclosure of the password and personal data to an authorized person in accordance with the relevant laws;

      7.5. If the Buyer does not remember the access to the Account password, he/she may use the password reminder procedure offered in the Store.

      7.6. If the Buyer loses access to the Account password or becomes aware of unauthorized access to the Account, the Buyer shall immediately inform the Seller thereof in writing by email In such a case, the Seller must take immediate action to protect the Account from third party access.


      8.1. The Processor of provided personal data is the Seller.

      8.2. Personal data shall be provided voluntarily for the purposes specified in these Rules, but the Seller shall request the provision of personal data for the purpose of performing the Purchase-Sale Agreement and using the Electronic Services Account.

      8.3. The Seller confirms that the Buyer, having submitted the personal data to the Seller, has the right to view and modify his/her personal data, as well as to manage personal data, that is, to require the rectification, updating or correction of personal data, to suspend or terminate their processing temporarily or permanently.


      9.1. The User shall have the right to terminate the Purchase-Sale Agreement without giving any reason within 14 days after the receiving of the Products. In order to facilitate the termination procedure, the consumer must send a notice of termination at this email in order to exercise this right of termination at


      10.1. The Buyer has the right to terminate the Purchase-Sale Agreement within 14 days after the receiving of the Products and to return the Quality Product to the Seller. The Buyer returns Quality Products to the Seller at its own expense. The Seller issue the refund when the Product is returned.

      10.2. The Seller shall return the money in the same way as the Buyer has settled for the transaction, unless the Customer agrees with another method of refund.


      11.1. The Seller reserves the right to change the Rules as a result of changes in the law or to improve the functioning of the Store, as well as to protect the rights of the Buyer and prevent abuse.

      11.2. Amendments to the Rules shall enter into force 14 days after their publication on the website of the Online Shop.

      11.3. All electronic notifications of the Parties shall be sent by the last e-mail specified by the Party in accordance with the Rules.

      11.4. Issues not covered by these Rules shall be governed by the laws in the territory of Lithuania.

      11.5. Disputes arising from or related to these Rules shall be settled by negotiation. If the dispute is not resolved by negotiation, the dispute shall be resolved in court according to the location of the Seller's office.

      11.6. These Rules enter into force on 1 January 2019.