5 Reasons to Buy a Coating for Eyelashes from Beauty Eyes!

Many masters are faced with a problem - eyelashes quickly peel off and lose their direction. What to do?

Just for such situations a unique product has been developed - a Coating for eyelash extension from Beauty Eyes!

  • Using a Coating, you can easily prolong the eyelash extension.
  • The product fixes eyelashes strictly in a given direction.
  • A Coating envelops eyelashes with a thin membrane, reliably protects the coupling place of natural and false eyelashes from the external influences, dust and dirt.
  • In addition, it carefully looks after lashes, gives them a natural shine, nourishes them, makes them gentle and velvety.
  • Due to its special formula, a Coating does not stick together and does not weigh down the lashes.

A Coating for eyelash extensions is very easy to use:

- just apply a small amount of product to the coupling place of natural and false eyelashes,

- apply a Coating to the base of eyelashes using a microbrush,

- remember that it is strictly forbidden to apply a Coating, like mascara, along the entire length of the eyelashes,

- the amount of product should be small, since an excess will lead to gluing eyelashes,

- after you have applied the coating, comb the eyelashes along the entire length with a dry brush, like stretching the product.

Customers can use eyelash coating themselves at home. For the best effect and long wearing, we recommend using a coating 3-4 times a week.


If you want to increase the wear of your work, give your eyelashes a healthy look - the Coating for eyelash extensions from Beauty Eyes will be a real savior for you! You can find the delivery and checkout rules here.

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