Curls of Beauty Eyes Eyelashes

All materials for eyelash extension have their own characteristics. Eyelashes 'Beauty Eyes' are no exception! 

Curls of Beauty Eyes Eyelashes

Lashes are smooth and soft, made from high-quality fiber, have a rich black color. 

Eyelashes easily removed from the tape, don't break and deform, have a specific curl, are suitable for work in both technique: by hand and by tape. 

Curl B is slightly curved bend and is close to natural. 

C curl is one of the most popular bends. Such eyelash curl visually opens the eyes. Curl C is perfect for creating a natural look. 

CC curl is a middle option between the bends C and D, but it's slightly more curved than the bend C. 

Curl D is the most curved bend for achieving the Doll effect. This curl opens eyes, ideal for those who are keen of curved eyelashes, as well as those who have lowered eyelid. 

Curls "L" and "L +" have a unique, unnatural shape of the eyelashes, which differs from the others by a smooth base and a "bent" tip. 

The difference between the eyelashes "L" and "L +" is also in the "bent" tip. The tip of the “L” bend goes up sharply and straight, while at the “L +” eyelashes the bend remains smoothly curled. This is an ideal option for opening the eyes and correcting deep-set eyes. 

Eyelash Curl LC is suitable for those who wear glasses. Compared with the bend, L and L+ this curl is more rounded. 

Curl LD is also suitable for those who wear glasses. The most twisted in 'Beauty Eyes' line. 

L-shaped eyelashes also include M curl. But compared with the classic bend L, has a smoother transition in the bend zone, suitable for downward directed natural eyelashes. 
Eyelashes 'Beauty Eyes'
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