How can master prevent allergy to a glue?

Many masters feel the discomfort from the glue’s fumes during a work: heavy breathing, cough, edema and stuffiness in nose, reddening of the eyes, tearing. Sometimes allergy accumulates, and the question arises - health or a favorite job. Only a doctor can cope with a serious form of allergy.

Fortunately, this problem can be prevented and avoided in time:

  • Masks with filter, aircleaning systems are well saved from fumes. But it isn’t comfortable to work with them, or they produce a lot of noise.
  • Thorough wipe the old drop of glue with a dry or damp cloth. It can reduce the amount of fumes, but not all lashmakers have enough time between clients.
  • Using stickers for glue on the stone.
  • Humidification and ventilation of working room.
  • Being often in the fresh air and on vacation.
  • Using glue with minimal fumes. Beauty Eyes’ glues for eyelashes extension have quality like this. All line can be viewed in our gallery.

Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. But the company Beauty Eyes developed a universal substance that is incredibly convenient to use, copes with fumes, and has a pleasant aroma - a neutralizer of glue fumes.

The neutralizer protects not only the master, but also the client from the glue’s fumes. It perfectly absorbs volatile organic substances, absorbs the smell of glue. The substance is certified and completely safe for health. It has a pleasant delicate lotus aroma, this will help you to create a relaxing atmosphere during the eyelashes extension procedure.

It is incredibly easy to use! Before starting to extension, spray 2 times on a cotton pad and leave it next to a drop of glue, repeat it when the disc dries  up. The neutralizer is very economical, one bottle is enough for 300 procedures.

You can buy a glue neutralizer on our online shop, you can find the delivery rules here.


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