How to choose the perfect tweezers for eyelash extensions?

None of the lashmakers can do eyelash extension without tweezers. On tweezers directly depends comfort and quality of work. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced master, the question of finding the lovely tweezers is always keenly.

5 simple steps to choose the perfect tweezers for eyelashes:

Comfort. The tweezers should fit well in your hand; it should be comfortable and light.
Material. Pay special attention to what material the tweezers are made of; it must be strong and reliable.
Easy motion, optimal closure. During the process of extension, your hand should not strain too much and get tired quickly, so closing should be easy. Each master chooses the degree of inflexibility of the tweezers individually. When choosing tight or soft tweezers, focus on your sensations and technique.
Work area. Depending on your technique: you form a bundle with the tip of the tweezers or the middle, choose tweezers with the optimal contact area.
Design. A lashmaker holds tweezers in his hand every day, you should like it, it should inspire you to be creative and productive.


Tweezers for eyelash extensions are different types: straight and curved. Straight tweezers are more suitable for classic extensions, natural effects and split eyelashes. But curved tweezers are great helpers when you are working with voluminous and complex extensions.

Eyelash extension tweezers Beauty Eyes.

Beauty Eyes tweezers are designed to form perfect fans! The tweezers have a stylish classic design. They easily capture the lashes, have an easy move, comfortably fit in your hand without straining it. Reliable and durable tweezers, made of stainless steel.


Important! The master should have several tweezers at once, so work will be better and more comfortable. Beauty Eyes eyelash extension tweezers have passed the test of time; they are trusted by the leading masters of the lash industry.

Do not neglect the care of eyelash extension tools. So they will last you longer. Store the tweezers in a secure case. A capacious case should have every master!

Magnetic cases have proven themselves the best:

They have a rigid shock-resistant frame, which will protect fragile tweezers from cracks and deformation.

Since the case is magnetic, the tweezers are firmly fixed inside.

Magnetic cases have a convenient compact size of 15.5 cm, they do not take up much space, they can easily be taken to the championships.

Our website has a large selection of Beauty Eyes magnetic cases in different colors, they have a stylish laconic design, soft and velvety interior decoration.


Details of the delivery of tweezers for eyelash extensions and magnetic covers for tweezers can be found here.

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