How to extend the life of glue drop during eyelash extensions?

Many masters do not have time to stick lashes at the right moment because of the premature drying of the drop. This is one of the most important problem for masters.

But for this problem there is an excellent and simple solution - a jade stone for glue! This tool will help to extend the life of a glue drop for eyelash extension.

- The surface of the stone holds the glue firmly during the procedure.

- Due to the smooth cold surface, the glue does not dry prematurely and maintains a liquid consistency for comfortable work.

 - Due to the special formula of the stone material, the glue does not enter into a chemical reaction with them and does not oxidize, in contrast to plastic surfaces.

- The stone can be used repeatedly: just stick on them a glue sticker. The surface is easily and quickly cleaned.


Jade stone for Beauty Eyes glue is very pleasant by touch, suitable for lovers of classic design. The terms of delivery and payment of materials for eyelash extension can be found here.

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