How to extend your eyelash wearing?

Many master, sooner or later, face the fact that customers complain of bad eyelash wearing. What could be the reason? And how to avoid this?

The main problems of bad eyelash wearing:

  • Slow glue for eyelash extensions. Often masters are faced with the fact that glue for eyelash extensions has become capricious, or the slow speed of glue no more suits to master.
  • Bad conditions for glue. Glue works worse in conditions of low humidity and high temperature.
  • Problems with fans. Often, the master does not even have time to record the eyelash, as the fan closes when set it on natural.
  • Client’s eyelashes are dense.

In these cases, the best and only way to save the situation will be a primer for eyelash extensions:

  • The product speeds up the glue work.
  • Primer reveals the eyelashes scales, helps the glue to penetrate deeper into the eyelashes, makes the eyelashes coupling stronger.
  • In addition, the primer significantly increases the period of eyelashes wearing. After using it, eyelashes can last about 5 weeks, although under normal conditions, the wear period is about 3.
  • Primer for extension makes the job more clean and reliable due to the additional degreasing of eyelashes.

The eyelash primer is very easy to use. The product must be applied after cleanser. Put a small amount of product on microbrush and wipe your eyelashes. Avoid contact primer with the delicate skin.

Primer is a must-have for the lashmaker! In our online store you can purchase primers:

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