The feature of “Beauty Eyes” and “For You” products is their juicy recognizable flavors. Today we will tell you what is included in each series.

Banana Paradise

In the banana line of “Beauty Eyes” are presented: a cleanser  for eyelashes, a primer for eyelash extensions, liquid and cream removers.

- Liquid banana remover (20 ml) has a delicate pleasant aroma. It’s flavor gives you and your client an atmosphere of hot summer. This remover not only dissolves the glue, but also perfectly cleans the working surface of tweezers. It is completely safe for the eyes and does not damage the eyelashes.


Sweet smell of cherry blossoms.

The line of cherry flavor includes: gel and cream removers, cleanser and the top product of this smell  - a primer.

Cherry primer with a pleasant sweetish aroma improves the quality of eyelash attachment, speeds up glue polymerization, additionally deprives of fat eyelashes, increases eyelashes wear for 1-2 weeks. The primer is easy to use: apply a small amount of the product on microbrush and wipe the eyelashes. Avoid skin contact with the primer.


The cooling flavor of Mojito.

The frost line includes: primer, cleanser, cream and gel removers.

Gel remover with a delicate, refreshing aroma. The product removes the glue and extended eyelashes without problems. The thick structure of the product does not allow it to spread and get into the eyes. It is applied with a microbrush precisely on the necessary areas, usually used for eyelash correction.


Tropical Pina Colada.

The bright line includes: primer and cream remover ( 5 and 15 ml). A cleanser Pina Colada is one of the most popular on our site!

Cleanser for eyelashes is one of the most important product for lashmaker. Unknowingly, many masters, especially at the beginning, skip this stage and, as a result, eyelashes fall off, customers are not happy. The problem of bad using is perfectly solved by an eyelash cleanser! It thoroughly cleans eyelashes from excess fat, dust, dirt and cosmetics. Gently prepares eyelashes for the procedure, provides reliable adhesion of natural and artificial eyelashes. And most importantly, the product is certified and completely safe for the mucosa!


Juicy Strawberry burst.

In the strawberry line you will find a cream remover, cleanser, primer and a booster that is popular for most lashmakers.

A booster is a product that works as an activator of glue for eyelashes, regardless of climatic conditions. It is applied to the tape with eyelashes, it is not recommended to be applied twice to the same place, as this greatly enhances the sticky layer. This can prevent easy fluffing and collapse of the fans when placed on a natural eyelash.

Adhesive enhancer improves adhesion, lengthens the wearing period. Recommended for weak coupling (summer period, lack of humidity, etc.)


An invigorating lemon.

In our lemon line, an incredibly convenient cream remover.

- Cream remover (15 ml). With this remover, it is best to do a complete removal, it quickly and easily removes eyelash extensions, thanks to the creamy texture it is easy to apply, does not cause burning. This texture is especially suitable for sensitive eyes, it is hypoallergenic and safe for health.


Sunny peach.

In the peach line you will find all the necessary preparations:

- a cleanser you can easily prepare eyelashes for extension and remove dirt with;

- a primer that helps to improve eyelash adhesion and provides long wear;

- gel remover that is simply necessary for correction and jewelry work with eyelashes;

- cream remover provides you quick and easy complete removal of eyelashes without harming the eyes.


In the lines of “Beauty Eyes” and “For You”, each master will find a suitable aroma for himself. The delicate pleasant smell of product helps to create a unique relaxing atmosphere for your client. Highlight your personality with scented eyelash extensions.

These and other products for eyelash extensions are available to order online on our website.

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