Neutralizers: how to make the procedure more comfortable and safe

A good master knows: for a good procedure it’s necessary for materials of the appropriate level. In spite of the evident characteristics that affect the speed of hitching, the duration of wearing and the result of work in general. There is also another important factor: health care for both the client and the master.

Whatever the glue used for eyelashes, it emits fumes. For a person who is not prone to allergies, a 3-hour procedure can go easily without visible consequences. But for people with a more sensitive organism this can create a discomfort.

To prevent such situations, it is strongly recommended to use glue fumes neutralizers. They are absolutely easy to use: before starting the procedure, you spray the product 2-3 times on a cotton pad and put it next to a drop of eyelashes glue.

Also, the neutralizer can be used for sterilization: the product is sprayed directly onto the instruments, which then need to be wiped with a cotton pad or cloth.

A neutralizer is a must-have for any master. Do not forget about your health: if the client stays with you for several hours and leaves, then you are faced with a threat every working day!

The appearance of symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, headache, fatigue, dizziness, and even fever suggests that you are still prone to allergic reactions.

To make the work process pleasant and safe, do not forget about such basic things as:

  • regular ventilation of the working room;
  • control of air humidity;
  • regular use of clean water for drinking;
  • regular cleaning of tools;
  • using of high-quality materials and glue neutralizers.

You can find and buy the neutralizer on our site.

The volume of the bottle is 60 ml; this will be enough for 300 procedures!

You can find out more about how to place an order here. The terms of delivery are here.

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