The company Beauty Eyes doesn't stand still!

The company Beauty Eyes is a frequent guest at various international exhibitions. 

In 2018, our beauty team took part in one of the largest exhibitions in the CIS - InterCHARM. In 2018, the exhibition celebrated its 25th anniversary! Every year the largest companies present their products and innovations in the field of cosmetics, perfumery, cosmetology, etc. 

During 4 days our team demonstrated the latest developments and innovations of our company. 

Master classes from our lashmakers were especially successful: “Tricks of eyebrow modeling” from top browartist Elena Leshchenko, “Life hackes in eyelash extensions” from Olga Drankovich - multipal prize-winner, judge and speaker of international championships and conferences. 

A real surprise for the exhibition visitors was the presentation of our line for eyebrows 'Browline' and incredibly black, fluffy eyelashes 'Dream' from the Beauty Eyes line. 

All attention at the exhibition was also focused at our new innovative product - foamer. This unique product solves the problem of express facial and eyebrow makeup removing, combining cleansing and caring components. 

The company Beauty Eyes doesn't stand still. We constantly devoloping, introducing new products, creating trends and setting the high bar into the lash industry! 

We create modern and convenient products for lashmakers, that meet the most stringent requirements. Choosing Beauty Eyes products, you get guaranteed time-tested quality!

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