Top 5 necessary materials for eyelash extensions for the New Year season

Each master is waiting for the New Year’s holidays and corporate’s parties with impatience, because the registrations are most active and the job  is more intense than ever. You need to prepare properly for the active customers’ flow, have everything you need on hand and be safe in case of force majeure. There is a list of products for extensions, without which master can’t work.

Glue. It is better to have a time-tested glue on hand so that it won’t disappoint you at the crucial moment. For beginners, an excellent choice is a glue for eyelash extension “C” from Beauty Eyes, the hitching time is 1-2 seconds. For more experienced lashmakers it is better to choose glue with 1 second of hitch, excellent choices in this category are glue “For You No.2” and “Vilashes Premium”. If you don’t want to wait and speed is your second name, our bestseller - instant glue for eyelash extension “M” from Beauty Eyes.

All glues are unpretentious, tested by technologists in practice, usually have no fumes and certified.

glue for eyelash extension

The booster. This is a tool that works as a glue activator for eyelashes, independently of climatic conditions. It is applied to the tape with eyelashes and not recommended to be applied twice to the same place, as this greatly enhances the sticky layer. This can prevent easy fluffing and collapse of the fans when placed on a natural eyelash.

Booster improves adhesion and lengthens the wearing period. Recommended for weak coupling (summer period, lack of humidity, etc.)


Neutralizer of glue fumes. During such intensive work, it is especially important to insure your health from unexpected failures. The neutralizer perfectly absorbs volatile organic substances and absorbs the unpleasant glue smell. The neutralizer is certified and completely safe for health. It is incredibly easy to use and a convenient format in the form of a spray provides an economical expense. In addition, with its help you can create a festive atmosphere! On our website neutralizers for the evaporation of glue in flower aroma are presented.

Neutralizer of glue fumes

Eyelashes for building. What really worth stocking up is are eyelashes. For the New Year holidays it is better to offer customers something bright and unusual.

If your customers prefer a proven black classic, then the best option would be ultra-black eyelashes for extensions Beauty Eyes. They are incredibly convenient to use, located on a tape of medium stickiness, do not bluish, soft and fluffy.


Fixer for eyelash extensions. If you want the lashes to be firmly fixed in the right direction, then the fixer will help you with this! It prolongs the wearing period of eyelashes, protects the place of gluing from dust, dirt, water and fat. And even splashes of champagne are not afraid of it! It will give the eyelashes a natural shine, fix in the right direction without gluing and weighting them.


All these and other materials for eyelash extension can be bought in our online store. The terms of delivery and payment can be found here.

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